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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Postcard from Ayatollah Khomeini

This "Ayatollah Khomeini", protected for many years as the most fashionable "exile" in France,  still calls the shots among the islamically approved paedophiles.  This fatwa below (recognised under the islamic law known as "Sharia") might explain why some maintain that  their prophet did "acquire" his youngest wife, Aisha, when she was 6 years old,  but "consummated" their "marriage" ONLY when she was 9 (he was then  54 or so). "Thighing" as they call it, helped him to control his  Allah-pleasing urges towards the little girl for a while:

(Did I really just write "CONTROL" his urges towards the little girl?")  Yes I did...Arrrrrrghhhhhhh

No, thank you, Islam is not for me. 

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