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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Obama and the Mullahs

I did write about Obama's Munich in my last post, but I think there is a lot of ink to flow yet over this Obama/Iran deal. I won't call it a "Faustian" deal because neither does  Obama come up to the hero of Goethe's drama nor do  the Ayatollahs reach the hoofed yet rather endearing wickedness of the German Bard's  Mephistopheles.

Since we last met there was a "Stop Iran Rally" in Times Square:

One of the speakers at this rally was former Senator Col. Allen West. I like this fiery American very much and I'd rather see him in the White House than Obama. But I disagree with him  when he comments on the famous quote from  Alexander the Great:

"I would not fear an army of lions if they were led by a sheep,
but I would fear an army of sheep if they were led by a lion"

by suggesting that his great nation of lions is led by a sheep. I have long stopped giving Obama the benefit of the doubt and fear that America and the rest of West is led by the nose,  not by a sheep, but by a snake.  

Caroline Glick, whom I can well imagine as a future Golda Meir, also spoke at that Rally and she freshened up an often used Goethe quote "Der Teufel ist im Detail" by turning it around like so: 

"The devil in this agreement is not in the detail, 
the devil in this agreement is in the big picture!"

One of my favourite writers, the brilliant Daniel Greenfield (aka Sultan Knisch) writes in his article: The Myth of Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Program:

"...The Supreme Leader of Iran already made it clear that the war will continue until America is destroyed. That may be the only common ground he has with Obama. Both America and Iran are governed by fanatics who believe that America is the source of all evil. Both believe that it needs to be destroyed. 

Carter made the Islamic Revolution possible. Obama is enabling its nuclear revolution.  

Today Tehran and Washington D.C. are united by a deep distrust of America, distaste for the West and a violent hatred of Israel. This deal ...[...]... is not meant to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb. It is meant to stop America and Israel from stopping it...."

Obama and the Mullahs sitting in the tree
First comes love.
Then comes marriage.
Then comes baby* in the baby carriage,
Sucking his thumb,
Wetting his pants,
Doing the hula, hula dance!

Lets quickly introduce a little note of optimism: "This will not be the end of the world" sung by Zarah Leander:

Some more of Obama's friends, speaking last week 

And here is the "last word" coming from the "Supreme Leader's" twitter-feed.

h/t Andrew Bolt Blog

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