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Friday, 30 September 2016

The Ballad of Oslo's Children

This is for my friend, yucki



Here is an interesting article by Caroline Glick, who writes about the hostile eulogy  delivered by the Jew Hater in Chief from the White House  at  Peres's funeral:  

"Obama was not merely wrong when he accused Peres’s detractors of support for slavery -- he was maliciously wrong." 

In my opinion, Glick will one day make an excellent successor to Golda Meir. 



  1. That early evening of the Friday of the Six Day War I was standing outside the entrance of our tiny local synagogue waiting for the appearance of the first star that marked the beginning of the Sabbath and when the service could begin.

    A few months earlier my bar mitzvah was in the same tiny shule. A converted cottage really.

    It was a very cool and bright winter night in the Queensland town I grew up in.

    In those days there were a lot more what have come to be known as " survivors ". That was not a word used then. People just said of them they " had been in the camps" and that was the end of the conversation. Just an embarrassed silence.

  2. Then I noticed an old man ( he looked to me to be old but I was just a kid) coming up the pathway. I recognized him of course. Just another of the elderly foreign congregation, almost all men, who never smiled and pretty much ignored us kids.

  3. He was trembling.

    It turned out he had locked himself in his tiny apartment all week. Too terrified to even turn on a radio. He knew there was a war on but he was scared to the bones about hearing news of the war.

  4. In Yiddish he asked what was happening. I've never seen a man so upset before or since. He was shaking and in tears.

    People rushed to him. It's not over yet they said but the war is going well. A lot of good people have been lost but there is not going to be any repeat.

  5. I watched his face. I can see it still. He went white and gurgled something in Yiddish. If it wasn't for the people standing around him he would have dropped to the ground.