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Friday, 30 September 2016

US Elections

Here are two of the comments/thoughts  I picked up on the way back from my little Odyssey (*). I found them deserving of an "in-a-nutshell" label. (Sorry, I lost the sources). 

"A Trump victory may not be your victory, but a Hillary Clinton victory will be your loss"

"It is mainly racists who voted for Obama and  it will be mainly Sexists who will vote for  Hillary Clinton".

But it is not the racists or the sexists that worry me most,   it is the herd, made up of morons (time is running too short for euphemisms).

Here is something Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote about them: 

Translating this ^^^ letter from Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906 - 1945)  taken from his "Letters and Papers from Prison" I was not quite sure how to translate "der Dumme"  and "der Böse".  The first can mean: Idiot, Moron, Stupid and "der Böse" could be translated as "Evil, Malicious, Wicked, Villain" and even more. 

"Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of Good than Evil.

One can protest against Evil, it is possible to expose it, it can, when necessary, be prevented by violence, because  Evil always carries within the seeds of self-destruction by leaving behind at least a discomfort in people. 

Against stupidity we are defenceless. 

Neither protests nor force can achieve anything here; reasoning does not work; Facts that contradict their own prejudices, simply don't  need to  be believed - in such cases, the Moron becomes even critical - and if they (facts) become inevitable, they can easily be pushed aside as insignificant isolated cases. Here the Moron is completely satisfied with himself, in contrast to the malicious one; yes, he  becomes  even dangerous, when,  easily irritated, he goes on the attack. Therefore, the Moron must be handled with  more caution than the malicious one. We will never again  try to convince the fool with reasons; it is useless and dangerous."

And then I also  found this on Vlad's blog: it is inspiring, emotional, bombastic, a bit over the top just the way I like it ! 


But, about that first "debate" that had Donald Trump poised against two  collaborating adversaries, each  dishonest in their own way, he lost it because he did not get down in the mud with them. You cannot win against dirty fighters by being a gentleman just as you cannot win the war that Islam has declared on us by doing the Kumbaya thing.  Watching the successive traps Trump stumbled into, I also saw that Clinton's lowering her glance incessantly down to  the pulpit was not a coquettish batting of her heavily enhanced eyelids, but a suspicious kind of looking up the recipes for her Ad Hominems that were as planned as they were nasty. THIS twitter post seems to confirm my suspicions, as does this one

PS: I wish though Trump would somehow moderate his hairstyle, I really mean that !!!

(*)  People who work in Australian hospitals are the very  best, visiting friends/family  of patients who stay on and on and on, loudly and wayyyy past visiting hours are the worst .

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