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Monday, 28 March 2011

Genital Mutilation of Muslim Girls


I had a rather disturbing conversation with a female acquaintance of mine. She ticks all the right boxes when it comes to what is politically fashionable now: of the Left, she is fundamenalistically atheist, a card-carrying feminist, her deep-rooted anti-Semitism comes wrapped in the euphemism of “pro-palesteeeenian” and so, of course, she votes for the most public proponents of this socially acceptable bigotry, the Greens.

During this conversation, she blithely told me  "...genital mutilation of girls under Islam is a myth"! When I gasped at that, she conceded that "it might happen...but very rarely..."

Well, that makes it okay then!

When I asked her if she had heard of Ayaan Hirsi Ali she told me “yes, of course, who hasn’t”. And what did she think of her? “Well..that one is very bias!”. I told her that if she had had her clitoris butchered off aged 7 or so, without anaesthetic, held down by her grandmother, she would probably be somewhat bias too!

I have hesitated to become “friends” with that person for a while now; after our latest exchange I will hesitate some more!.


PS: Note to self: Must send the following paragraph from Caroline Click  to my acquaintance:
“…According to a 1999 report from the World Health Organization, 97 percent of Egyptian women and girls have undergone the barbaric practice of genital mutilation. A 2005 report by the Cairo-based Association for Legal Rights of Women submitted to the UN explained that Egyptian women are constitutionally deprived of their basic rights, including their rights to control their bodies and property. Males who murder their female relatives are often unpunished. When they are tried and convicted for premeditated murder, their sentences average from two to four years in prison….”

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