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Monday, 21 March 2011

Letter to Melanie Phillips

I sent this letter to my email contacts this morning:
Subject: murdering Jewish babies is okay, naming the beasts who do it is not !

Hi peeps,
Melanie Phillips (read her book "The world turned upside down"!!!) is being "investigated" aka persecuted  for this article, and not because she omitted to include "our" (ha!) ABC in the media pack that reported this massacre as if it was the victims' fault....
I have no time for comments, because I have to rush to the bathroom to vomit in disgust!
and then forwarded it to Melanie Phillips, one of my heroines:
You brave Woman!!!!
Thank you for not giving in nor up!
Greetings from Australia (although I am spending some months in Paris France at the moment).
Sent this to my list this morning, quite a few of my acquaintances are of the left - some tell me that they simply put my "missiles" into the junk bin, unread, but if even one or two of them get a little contaminated by "what is right and what is wrong", it's worth it.

Please, if you can at all, continue the fight, you are one of the most articulate ethical voices in the world today!
Rita xxxxxxSydney
at the moment: Marais/Paris France
PS: incidentally, I am not Jewish, I am German and it is as a German that I am absolutely enraged that such a short time after what my fathers did, the same vilification of the Jewish people is allowed (even fostered) to happen again, and therefore I am doing at least one thing every day to fight this nasty, murderous anti-semitism, be it as small as buying a salad bowl made in Israel. Yesterday I bought 3 kgs of manarins in a little Paris supermarket who proudly advertised them as coming from ISRAEL. Living alone, I will probably overdose in Vitamin C, but they taste  wonderfull and I shall patronise this little supermarket now every day and eat lots and lots of Israeli mandarins!

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