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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Marianne was in Paris tonight

No, not this Marianne...

...but this one:

She is older -  perhaps even old now, and her figure is  of someone who eats too much for the wrong reasons, but I'm glad she came out this side of her dark tunnel , alive and still surviving. 

Tonight at the Odeon she read 20  Shakespeare sonnets. The theatre was packed, perhaps because the tickets only cost 30 Euros, but I think we all liked her when she waddled onto the scene, endearingly dressed in an ill-fitting trouser suit which, rather than hiding her pudgyness, highlighted it. I also think the Bard would have approved of  her smokey voice-that-has-been-around-the-blocks-a-few-times- interpretation. The one she recited by heart was the one that everyone can quote at least the first  2 lines from (Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate...) I found it poignant, how proud, or perhaps rather how relieved she seemed by this. The other 19 sonnets she read from a script, wearing  big reading glasses, and they too were touchingly unflattering.

Vincent Segal  who accompagnied her on the cello was brilllllllliant  and did things with his violoncelle  which reminded me that "if the heart could sing, it would sound like that".

I'm glad I finally saw Marianne Faithfull, even though I  have waited perhaps a little too long and will never see her now in her legendary  young flesh, but there is some tender magic in the fragility of maturity:

Thank you Marianne Faithfull for having reminded me that I once did ride through Paris in a sportscar with the wild wind in my hair… a long time ago though...

Update: April 2014:

A blast from the past:

Miracle of the Internet: The one I once did ride with,  through Paris,  in a sportscar,  with the wild wind in my hair....a long time ago....found me again...just now...and, looking for this post to show him, I found that Maryanne Faithfull as she sang this song at the Odeon a couple of years back, was "deleted because of copy right etc.".... so here is the song...again, in an earlier version:  (Thanks for the memories) ! :)



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