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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Australia has voted

This is our new Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, and this photo (my favourite one)  is genuine: among many other things,  he is a fair dinkum volunteer fire fighter.

The night before the election, one group of volunteers led by the  Queensland challenger of the sitting Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, provided the music:

The euphemistically named "Progressives" hate Tony Abbott with a relentless ferocity that, had it been aimed at Hitler by their predecessors, would have potentially saved 6 million + lives. Among his most virulent enemies are the people who voted for the Watermelon Party humoristically known as "The Greens". Here some of those people explain why they voted for a party whose French branch, for example, wants to mutilate "edit" the Marseillaise! See below(*).

And here is one of the Greens' senators, the terminally opportunistic media concubine during one of her I DO SOOOOOOOOO CARE performances. She is everything that's wrong with the "Greens". Don't stand between her and a tree in need.

(*)  Et voilà, our French "Blondie from Y-T" telling the French "Greens": 

To be continued:

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