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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tommy Robinson a modern-day Socrates?

If you find this proposition preposterous, would you feel better if I described Tommy Robinson, the Leader of the EDL, as a "Gadfly"?

Well, and here we have it:  Socrates, according to his "biographer" and student, Plato,  described himself as a "Gadfly" and that's what he was in the eyes of the Athenian political elite.  Just as Tommy Robinson seems to bring discomfort to  the cowardly English political "elite",  so much so that  they had  him arrested time after time after unjustified time.

 Personally, I think Socrates brought so much more to the world than  did Chamberlain of whom I am reminded when I look at the invertebrate David Cameron and his army of "fluffy floating islands".

Here is the latest speech by this  brave, brave Tommy Robinson, more about its context, at The Gates of Vienna.

Dear Tommy Robinson,

DON'T LET THE BASTARDS GET YOU DOWN,(as we, or at least some of us, say in Australia).

I think you and Winston Churchill share quite a few thoughts.



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