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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Oy ! Obama: return that Nobel Prize !!

I would call President Obama an 'undeserving' Nobel PEACE Prize laureate, had this bauble not lost all credibility around the time they gave it to Arafat. (Don't people who are still wearing imitations of their adored Arafat's scarf care about paedophilia?). But I still think he should give it back.

This lady's delivery is a little on the over-the-top side, and taking Fox news as a source will cause some sneers from the usual suspects, but what she has to say is worth listening to. (h/t vlad tepes)

One of the diminishing number of supporters that  bombing-eager Obama still has is the little French President, François Hollande who seems very  eager to obey the same masters as the POTUS, but he does so against the will of an increasing majority among the French people. Some of the French media depict the trigger happy duo as Don-Quixote-and-Sancho-Panza; I let you decide which one is which ;)

Here is a link to what Marine LePen, hopefully a future President of France, has to say. Unfortunately it's in French and I don't have a translation. 

VoilĂ  un commentaire de  Marine Le Pen en francais.

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