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Thursday, 27 March 2014

An ugly postcard from Paris

When I saw this tape, I cried.

And no, it did not come from any French media who are ignoring this kind of unfashionable reality (they wouldn't wanna frighten the camels of Qatar), I found it via  VladTepes.

Yes, nauseatingly, this too is Paris, the new anti-semitism where Arab and Sub-Saharan muslims are beating up French Jews but, of course  only if they are in superior number  e.g.  3 against 1, or in strength.

Many French non-Jews are closing their eyes to this because of fear...denial... latent anti-semitism...or what? The most despicable players in these nasty games are the French conformist media who will simply not report these "incidents" and if they do, the words "Arab",  "Muslim", "Africans", "Immigrants" are a big taboo. 

Courageous French  people who do name the beast by its name, are at the very least called "raaaaacists",  because as we all know, Islam is  a race and only pathological "Xenophobes" will point out that most of the violence happening in France is perpetrated by thugs issued from what is euphemistically referred to as "la diversit√©".  But if these brave French people  do end up before the Courts and the most politicised Judiciary  I have ever come across, they do not stand a chance. For a start  they have against them the might of the  misnamed "Minister for Justice",  Christine Taubira,  who is sometimes (justifiably)  referred to as the "Patron Saint of the Canaille". She is behind a new law, which will protect  these violent criminals from being  incarcerated if they are under 19, even if they are violent repeat offenders. Her reason for this she says is that those poor "youth" are carrying on their young shoulders the stigma of colonisation. 

So, the attackers of this man will probably remain free to  do some more of the same, while  the French media will keep singing the praises of peace, love, tolerance and the beauty of the "vivre ensemble".  



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