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Monday, 10 March 2014

Paris: Naked at Le Louvre

The "Femen" might have have inspired them, but the difference of this protest against the Muslim veil is that it is Arab/Muslim women fighting against the oppression from their mullahs and assorted Muslim males (and, let it be said, quite a few collaborating females), and that they go "all the way".

While perhaps not totally fair, the slightly ironic comment by Vlad Tepes is quite valid as an additional perspective on the subject, and Vlad Tepes does actually much much much more against the oppression of women under Islam than all the fake compassionistas from the trendy Western "left/feminist" scene have ever done:

"In an attempt to outdo Femen, a group of protesters in Paris decide to go fully naked to protest Islam. I would expect within a year or so, to see women’s groups marching around wearing a full sized X-ray of themselves or possibly an ultrasound or maybe even an MRI. But for the moment they seem content with full nudity"

Well, seeing that we are in France lets get with the program:

PS: I don't think the girls were cold, since it was a very mild winter, 
and for the last few days we had late spring temperatures
and nearly as much sunshine as in Australia.

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