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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Elephant in this French room?

And where is the Elephant? 

Here it is: 

The video above is not the latest, but things have not changed for the better. The aggressions and violence, especially from "youth" (for that is what the euphemistically named "authorities" and the media  call criminals of arabs/muslims/subsharian background) have, if anything increased. 

If you read French I recommend a book that came out in France last year  and made a persona non grata of its author: he not only had the kamikaze gall to tell the truth, but he documented every single terrifying detail and sourced everything he wrote impeccably.  He used to be a  journalist of a small town news paper, an ambulance chaser kind of of journalist as he said. Knowing  how dangerous it was to tell the truth in France he wrote it under the nom de plume of "Laurent Obertone". The title:  La France Orange Méchanique. It tells of the "ensauvagement" of a nation: Every 24 hours: 13,000 thefts, 2 000 aggressions, 200 rapes. Not a book you necessarily want to read before coming to France if you are of the eyes-wide-shut kind. 

There are some brave souls who speak out about what really ails France, like Christine Tasin from Resistance Republicaine and Pierre Cassin from Riposte Laique. Inspired by the Swiss model of direct democracy,  they  recently organised a march through Paris demanding  a referendum on Immigration, they were joined by different groups, notably the wonderfully dynamic young "Generation Identitaire":


While the French fret, their President, Francois Hollande, mounts his scooter every night,  and heads  to a little love nest, just a couple of blocks away from the Elysee Palace to join his new lover, Julie Gayet,  for which he just dumped the 10 year older model, Valerie Trierweiler.

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