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Monday, 28 April 2014

Holocaust Remembrance Day


In Israel


I cry not one tear  more  than the number  I owe when I see what my fathers have done, but they dry  up fast and  I get angry when irritatingly well meaning people tell me "you must not feel guilty, it's not your fault" arrrrrgggghhhhh !!!!!!! The fact that I was not born then is no absolution, it is simply the absence of an alibi, an alibi which could perhaps have  absolved me, had I not looked away then, as soooo many of my compatriots did. I will never know...

We can count the people who were murdered, but what we can never even guess, let alone count is the potential that was killed then, the huge POTENTIAL. 


I used to believe that saying "NEVER AGAIN" very loudly, and often, would help. 
NOW, I'm not so sure that saying alone will help....



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