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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Marine Le Pen talks to Al Jazeera

This interview is over a year old but I think it is  still as fresh as it was then and it gives us the essence of Marine Le Pen's political  thought. I am not a fan of Al Jazeera which I consider a propagandist  media power, but if they have edited this interview, the core  of that magnificent woman still shines through.  I agree with nearly everything Marine Le Pen says here,  except with her comment on a soi-disant "disproportional force" applied by Israel in its self-defence. But then I have heard many Jewish voices "visiting the sins of the father" on her and refusing the hand she so often held out to them, one of the extremely few French politicians to do so.


I think, Marine Le Pen is a real - if not the only - hope for France. 

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