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Monday, 21 April 2014

The Dhimmitude of the Australian Defence Force (video)

Some time ago I came across this eye-opening speech by Bernard Gaynor, an Australian soldier. I held back from publishing it, wondering what IF a widow, father, mother, sister, son, daughter of a fallen soldier would hear it spelled out:

"Your beloved did not need to die" ?

But ANZAC day is approaching, and with it  the season for some of the empathy-deprived and  intellectually-historically-ethically challenged herd, egged on by some media,  to shoot around with offensive clichés à la "all soldiers are murderers".  

And what's more: the Australian Defence Force seems to still now be sending her soldiers, hands tied behind their backs,  into the arms (knives/suicide-belts/guns) of the enemy.

This video is just over 20 minutes long and I believe it's worth listening to every minute of it, but for those who don't have the time, I will try to distill the message:

Starting at minute 10: 
"Just look at Iraq. I was one of the last Australians to serve there. All the politicians and the military hierarchy were saying that the withdrawal of Western military forces was based on success. And yet, Al-Queda today controls more of Iraq than it ever did before the Western forces were in the country. 
The Iraq war was a failure because no-one could say why we went there, who the enemy was or what the mission was: We just went and we came back. In between a bunch of guys died. Now this all occurred because the ADF pretends that it respects Islam..."
"..The ADF just believes that Mohamed was a nice guy..." 

"...We  just went and we came back.
In between a bunch of guys died.
 ...because the ADF pretends that it respects Islam..."
"...The ADF just believes that Mohamed was a nice  guy..."


Lest we forget:
Some of those who did not make it home:

 About Bernard Gaynor


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