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Monday, 23 June 2014

An Arab named Aldo Sterone

I must confess, my door was nearly shut on my willingness to ever like an Arab Muslim, especially one from Algeria. Although I had  been fighting my prejudices for a long time , I had finally  come to the conclusion that prejudices cease to be prejudices if their truth is confirmed so often and so widely. I had enough personal experience, anecdotal evidence and statistics to just about lock the door on my conclusions and throw away the key. A lot of bad things have happened and are happening "in the name of Allah" and the worst among the often very violent  perpetrators from the Maghreb  (at least in France) seem to be originally from Algeria like for example the killer of those little  little Jewish children in Toulouse

And then, along comes a voice like the one of "Aldo Sterone":  

All I know of him so far is that he left his native Algeria some 20 years ago and now lives in London. From what I gleaned  from his videos, he is Muslim and Arab. He records his  10 minutes meditations in an underground car park and, although his target audience seem to be his compatriots, he has captivated me and, for the first time I actually had a  glimpse of an Arab perspective I cannot only live with, but which makes me see that their "aggression" might actually be a justified fear.  

In this video, recorded just after the recent European elections, he tells us why Arabs should actually vote for Marine Le Pen:



Then, a few days ago, "Aldo Sterone"  recorded a tape which showed the deep love he has for the country of his birth, and what  I found quite poignant is the "tough" love he has for all but the terminally lost cases of his compatriots. That obviously did not go down well and this video is his answer to the attacks (and probably even serious threats) he received, as do all who DARE criticise Islam: 

Enrico Macias, the singer of this song, a Jew, is also born in Algeria. He had to leave the country he still loves and because of the objections by some Algerian politicians and assorted bullies  he cannot return à la recherche des temps perdus.  

Perhaps the same destiny will await Aldo Sterone if he continues to be so brave and outspoken. 




  1. Thank for these kind worlds and the time taken for these translations. I do appreciate your effort and your help in spreading the word.

    I try to do what I think that every and each one of us must can can do: make this world a better place. Let's make sure this world is better when we leave it than when we found it. I sincerely hope that with this sharing something good will happen to all of us.

    With Love & Respect

    Aldo Sterone

  2. Dear Aldo Sterone,

    You ARE making the world a better place and I thank you for it.