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Monday, 30 June 2014

The French pray for a German Soccer Victory...

...because tomorrow they play against Algeria and a win by the Maghrebians means violence, burnt cars, destroyed shopfronts, "tournantes" (i.e. gang-rapes), and increasingly threatening claims of "France is Ours!!!".  Hordes of Algerians will take over the main streets in nearly every town and city in France, including the  Champs-Élysées. 

Here is a little slice of life in France after an Algerian soccer victory: this one was recorded last week after Algeria qualified for the quarter finale in the World Cup. It was relatively "tame", only one car was burnt (there were many more all through France yet  the main media will not report on those bonfires  in the interest of not "inflaming" what they call "le vivre ensemble de la diversité").


and I too want the German Team to win tomorrow...



MARINE  LE PEN calls for an end to dual nationality after Algeria's World Cup celebrations turn violent....

Update 2:
Halleluja - Germany 2 Algeria 1 

Update 3: 
Did you see the riots in Switzerland after they were eliminated? Here you go:


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