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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Marine Le Pen on Anti-Semitism in France

I am quite sure that question was meant  to "trip" Marine LePen. A considerable part of the  French Media hates only one thing more than the Jews and that is Le Front National, the Party of Marine Le Pen.  But I was chuffed  to see that this journalist was not rewarded with a "Petite Mort" for himself   while his wannabe trick question got shot down in flames. (I told you I like clichés) 

He introduced himself as "of the Jewish religion": I wonder if this was meant as an alibi for his obvious dislike of Jews, used a little like those real Jew-Haters from the BDS movement do it when they present  themselves as "Jewish" or "Child of Holocaust Survivors" etc to buy some credibility....... soooo many DNAs, sooooo  little time to test them........

In case I have not said that already, and repeatedly:



And here is another magnificent French woman,  I was a fan of her long before I knew she was Jewish. I came upon her grave not all that long ago while walking around a cemetery, as one does. Until then  I only knew her under her stage name  Barbara. She is buried in Paris in her family grave. Born Monique Serf in Paris in 1930 as a Jew she was, of course, a target for the Nazis. Two decades after the end of the war she travelled to the heart of Germany, Göttingen and this was the magnificent result:  



  1. As I understand it the problem is with the father who is quite unreformed and still on the committee of this party. Apparently he said something obnoxious and Mel Gibson-like while sober recently and she has to wear the rub off.

    Is there an old guard in this party she has to pander to?

    Why not repudiate the old bugger and pension him off to a care facility? It couldn't do her any harm you would hope.

  2. Jean-Marie Le Pen, the father does a weekly interview, in the latest one he commented on two French Pin-Up boys, a black former French tennis star - (Yannik Noah) who now sings and had threatened to leave France should Marine LePen win at the European elections, and a Jewish Singer (whom I dont know). LePen who is nearly 90 always liked to play with words - and apparently he used a couple of those word plays against Noah and clumsily in view of his past reputation against the Jewish singer. I have listened to the tape, but could not make out what he said. He insisted on not even having known the singer was Jewish. The media played it up, in my opinion quite maliciously, as no-one really watches the ramblings of the ageing LePen.

    But Marine LePen the daughter reacted immediately and distanced herself from her father. Her partner and executive went even further asking him to retire. She cannot sack him, as he is honorary president for life and founder of the party. Apparently he was very hurt by his daughter disowning him.

    An oedipal drama of Shakespearean dimensions.