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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Islam in Australia

There  are some impediments put in the spreading ways of Islam   by a no-nonsense  attitude of  the grass roots "Aussie" who benefits from a well functioning BS detector.  The latter has come to life again lately, after the rather unethical "dumping" of  the conservative Prime Minister, Tony Abbott: 

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia until deposed by a coup less than 2 years into his prime ministership by the more suave, faux conservative   Malcolm Turnbull. 

Abbott called the Islamic State a "death cult". Turnbull follows the siren call of  the fictional Muslim vote and sidles up to Al Jazeera's Aussie Branch, the taxpayer funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation promoting Islam at the expense of historical accuracy in this ABC signature panel program. 

I don't know the makers of this compilation, but they strike me as  authentically Aussie and I like them. 

I think this "say it with music" video comes  from the same stable. 

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