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Friday, 4 December 2015

Tommy Robinson in France

I posted about Tommy Robinson here and here and here and am thrilled to bits to see him, not on his knees like the so-called "leaders" and not only surviving - literally - but still speaking up, and being heard !!! This time in France : 

"...You love your country and your country hates you back..."

Ahhhhhh, if only things could be as preeeteyyy as Mrs. Sarkozy's songs, in France...in Europe....and in a "world" that kicks Tommy Robinson in the mouth each time he opens it. BUT, may he open it for a long time yet, for  however long it takes !

PS: Do you know the first action the Interior Minister of France, Bernard Cazeneuve,  took immediately  after the latest massacre in Paris? A summons was served on the French Patriots, Riposte Laiqueby the tax-payer funded legal bullies of the Interior Minister, for lèse-majesté. Riposte Laique had accused this physically tiny 5 ft. 3 (but morally 2 inches in height if that) weasel of being a "collaborator of Islam".

While the he guillotine will be awaiting the Tommy Robinsons and Riposte Laiques of this emasculated "world", a warm bed, made up by the likes of the  grotesque Taubira,  will mollycoddle  the moral dwarfs who have their dirty hands on the political tiller.


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