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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Merkel replaces Hitler in Time

I didn't buy the "TIME" magazine, I don't, if I can avoid it, finance promoters of evil and Volksverblödung, but my dentist had a copy of "that" ^^^ issue and kindly let me photocopy the lot. I don't know if "Time" magazine praised Hitler when they made him "Man of the year" as they do praise the "Person of the year" who stepped into his shoes (in more ways than one)...

...but I would not be surprised, with the benefit of hindsight, that they had as little 'insight" into Mr. Schickelgruber's "influence" on the world then, as they have on Mrs. Merkel's effect on the world now.

Although I have not read the whole magazine yet, the part dedicated to Angela Merkel, the wannabe Mother Theresa (yet nick-named quite appropriately (in my not so humble  opinion) "Mother Terrorista" by thinking Germans) is nothing less than a nauseating hagiography.

One of her predecessors, besides Mr. Schickelgruber, was Obama:

The only one missing here is Adolf Erdogan 
to give a true reflection of this  menage à trois 
which seriously menaces us

Her runner-up was

says it all, really.....doesn't it...

Just a little insight into the motivations of the people Angela Merkel has invited to replace the people she is supposed to protect (not even speaking of the jihadists who murdered 130 + people in Paris on the 13. November this year, 3 of whom came via Greece among Merkel's invitees).

H/T for this video to VladTepes one of the most informative blogs on the subject.

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