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Monday, 12 December 2016

Geert Wilders condems his corrupt conviction

"The latest trial of Geert Wilders has resulted in a guilty verdict. The court – which was located in a maximum security courthouse in the Netherlands near Schipol airport – found the leader of the PVV (Freedom Party) guilty of 'insulting a group' and of 'inciting discrimination'. The trial began with a number of complaints, but the proceedings gradually honed down onto one single comment made by Wilders at a party rally in March 2014. This was the occasion when Wilders asked the crowd whether they wanted 'fewer or more Moroccans in your city and in the Netherlands'. The crowd of supporters shouted 'Fewer'.......

writes Douglas Murray, in an interesting article for the Gatestone InstituteHe continues: 

Internationally it will continuously be used against Wilders that he has been convicted of 'inciting discrimination' even though the charge is about a proto-crime – a crime that has not even occurred: like charging the makers of a car chase movie for 'inciting speeding'. As with many 'hate-crime' trials across the free world, from Denmark to Canada, the aim of the proceedings is to blacken the name of the party on trial so that they are afterwards formally tagged as a lesser, or non-person. If this sounds Stalinist it is because it is.

Wilders's legal trials are perhaps the least of it.

For more than a decade Wilders has had to live under permanent security protection because of the threat to his life from Muslim extremists in the Netherlands. One might agree or disagree with a person who believes there should be fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands, but it requires an extraordinary degree of callousness to prosecute someone whose life is in danger from parts of such a community for voicing a desire not to see that community grow.

The irony cannot have been lost on the wider world that on the same day that news of Wilders's conviction came out the other news from Holland was the arrest of a 30 year-old terror suspect in Rotterdam suspected of being about to carry out 'an act of terrorism'."

Here is Geert Wilders' verdict: 

You, dear and courageous Geert Wilders,  speak for many of us, not only for the Dutch people ! And, if it is any consolation, the corrupt politics  of the Judiciary are  not limited to Holland, just look up:  "Le Mur des Cons" and find out (if they have not blanched it like a Clinton email) what kind of Magistrates rule the Lady that is supposed to be blind but is merely one-eyed, in France. 

My music choice for  this post, I fear, might have aspects of the proverbial curate's egg,  just like Lady Justice and Wagner himself. 



  1. Hi Rita

    Your choice of music is just right, Geert has to feel like Van Der Veker trying to round the horn. Let us pray that Geert has better luck then Van Der Veker.

    1. Thanks Richard.
      I share your hopes that good will prevail in the end and that these "judges" and "politicians" and assorted baddies who have been pack-hunting Geert Wilders for years will be sent to roam the seven seas without any chance of redemption.