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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Salafists in GERMANY teach children to slaughter

One of my rather wickedly witty friends once synopsised  Nabokov's novel Lolita like so:

"Get there before the hair ! "  

Those who try to emulate their prophet and follow his example literally obviously think so too:

But, if you think this perverse interpretation of the Jesuit dictum "give me a child to the age of 7 and I give you the wo/man"  is limited to the 57 Islamic countries, think again. It has now spread and seems to be well established in Merkel's Germany where one could adapt the Jesuits' prediction to:  

"Give a salafist a child and I give you a future islamic terrorist "

Another worrying d/evolvement is that even the most fundamental branch of Islam seems to adopt a certain "equality of sexes" : 

! And no, all "cultures" are not of equal value ! 

Ihr Kinderlein kommet, o kommet doch all!
Zur Krippe her kommet in Bethlehems Stall.
Und seht, was in dieser hochheiligen Nacht
der Vater im Himmel für Freude uns macht.

O seht in der Krippe, im nächtlichen Stall,
seht hier bei des Lichtleins hellglänzender Strahl,
in reinlichen Windeln, das himmlische Kind,
viel schöner und holder, als Engelein sind.

Da liegt es, das Kindlein, auf Heu und auf Stroh,
Maria und Josef betrachten es froh;
die redlichen Hirten knie`n betend davor,
hoch oben schwebt jubelnd der Engelein Chor.

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