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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year from Australia !

The good news is that,  despite all the efforts from the dark side, the world will not end tomorrow, because, here in Australia it is already tomorrow. 

Happy New Year and may the best that you have experienced in 2016 be the worst you can expect in  2017

Ein glückliches Neues Jahr und möge das Beste, was Sie 2016 erlebt haben, das Schlimmste sein, das Sie im Jahr  2017 erwartet. 

Joyeux noel et que le meilleur que vous avez vecu en 2016 soit le pire que vous pouvez attendre  pour 2017.  

Don't stop dancing 
while the music is playing 
and then,
  don't let them stop the music 
It's worth defending
if you look at the 
looming alternative !

dont you think ? 


  1. Happy New Year Rita, I don't come over as much as I should please forgive me.

    1. @Richard ! Nor do I apparently, as I only just discovered your good wishes which I return ! ;)