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Monday, 26 May 2014

Calling Australian Child Protection Services

Is this Australia?

There are cultures where little girls, even toddlers,  are forced into hiding their bodies, their hair, their everything, so as not to "seduce" the "uncontrollable sexual urges" of males, i.e.  Islamic cultures. 

I feel nauseated when I see horrors like that ^^^ But okay, these are "foreign" countries. 

Here, in Australia,  we are civilised: men and women are equal and children are protected.  Or are they? Why are these AUSTRALIAN children veiled up to the gunnels like little Boko Haram sex slaves? "Did they change any words to your National anthem?" VladTepes  who found "it" asked me. They did not need to change the words...

Calling all CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES, worth their name !!! 

Sex between an adult and a girl of the age of  these children is unlawful (in Australia and other civilised countries), because these  children are not of an age where they are legally able to give consent, yes?

Could any  parent (in Australia) give consent to a child having  sex with an adult man? 

I think not. 


Who has given consent to these children wearing this blatantly sexualised garb, a dress which is required for girls in other countries and cultures  in order not to be raped? 

Update 8.6.2014
Have a look at the relatively relevant video in this link 


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