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Monday, 19 May 2014

Itsy Bitsy Bikini v. Big Bad Burka ;)

Female Saudi Beach dress

A few days ago, several web sites were reporting a story that could well have happened, that probably will happen in the not too distant future, but which - at this stage - had not happened. I believed it as did many others until it was revealed as a hoax originating in  an Italian-language website.

A justice of the peace in Messina, Italy, so went the story, had ordered three girls to pay a fine of $3,500 each for having worn a bikini to a private beach.

"...The offensive behaviour occurred in the well-known tourist resort of Taormina, frequented by Saudi Muslim families on holiday. Not only were the three girls hit with the huge fine, their dress was equated by the judge with that of prostitutes..."

The story didn't seem all that far fetched especially as the Saudis have already  bought huge junks of European real estate, including private beaches and that in Saudi culture, women who leave the house without a male chaperon or drive a car are considered as prostitutes.

Why do I post this little story?

I always wanted an excuse to play you this little song of yesteryear and it's a safe way to thumb ones nose in a direction one might soon be allowed only to bow towards...


Male Saudi nationals  borrowing  table cloths from Italian bistro

Quote of the day comes from Sheik Yermami: whose reply to this comment "...I think wearing the hijab is very liberating...” was: "I think that woman is full of shiite."



  1. Love that photo Rita..priceless

    1. Hehehe, me too, Shirl. Some folk are funny especially when they dont mean to be: