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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Muslim Sisters are doing it TO themselves !

I was preparing a post about that so-called "kidnapping" of close to 300  mostly Christian school girls in Nigeria in which I was going to point out  that this was a Slave-Raid, and that the only "Kidnapping"   at  play here is being  done  by Mrs. Obama's Hash-tag mob, kidnapping the limelight. 

This  picture of "Michelle O. " limply  holding up the Nothing-to-do-with-Islam sign has galvanised  a gaggle of   compassionistas (including nearly all the  official Ex-Ladies of the French President) into playing  chorus  to  the new Hit-du-Jour. 

I was just waiting for a little more of that wisdom  called "hindsight" when I discovered the MEMRI video below. I found it on the  "Muslim Issue", a blog well worth following.         

I will probably  still do that more elaborate post I planned, sharing for example  the information that all "liberated" little  sex-slaves-to-be were muslims, and that "Boko Haram" is in fact NOT the name of this Muslim group.  But I think it is urgent that we see the madness that is engulfing us, perfectly at display in this video:

"The ultimate sign of mental illness: 

'Islam liberates women from the shackles of slavery'"


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