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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Australian Foreign Minister joins the Harem

Et tu Julie Bishop? 

You who once said: 
"We must never resile from challenging any attitude that regards a female life as less valuable than a male life."

Is that how you do it, Julie Bishop? 

CHOOSING  to abide by the local custom, which police impose on all IRANIAN WOMEN and  opting to wear a scarf and a hat, the flimsiest "veil" on what this is all about? Not a good look on so many levels. With your choice to submit to  the Ayatollahs you have simply joined the harem of opportunistic politicians who schmuse Islam. And the excuse you gave when questioned about it by the SMH 

"As a matter of fact I wear scarves and hats and headgear quite often as part of my everyday wear" 

added cowardice, the obligatory prerequisite for becoming a successful politician,  to your opportunism, . 

You knew that Westerners are not required to cover their heads when visiting Iran, so your  metaphorical toe-sucking  of the Mullahs was your decision.

Hillary Clinton (I don't like her)  and Condoleezza Rice (I do)  travelled unveiled for meetings in Iran during their terms as US Secretary of State, donning the headscarf only when visiting a mosque. Unlike thousands of Iranian women, each of these Western women had a choice and chose to exercise it.

After the recent death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, US first lady Michelle Obama did not wear the veil. And for once I found the Hash tag Lady attractive:

Not yet  two  years in the UN , a zero-credit organisation  who promotes and accepts Iran's "accession" to their WOMEN'S RIGHTS COMMITTEE (I am not joking! ), Julie Bishop seems to have already joined the dark side. While  Iran's ayatollahs  are adept at Taqiya, they never feel  it necessary to lie when they call for the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of the Jewish People. 

Are we to understand that after this shameful episode, a "conservative" Government whose declared values I share, will join in the hunt on Jews, arm-in-arm with Iran? For when the imposition  of yellow stars of David on Australian Jews? 

Without me! Madame Ambassador Bishop - you have lost my vote for your government. 

A stint as a worker in a  Woman's refuge managed by a corrupt feminist-socialist collective and some close encounters with stridently leftist feminists, have  turned me into a quasi misogynist (yes some women do make good misogynists), so I will not play the faux compassionista, but  I bet you, Madame Ambassador,  care even less about the oppression of women in their cloth-cages.  

How far would you go for your political ambitions?  all the way from "hat 'n' scarf" to Burka?

Andrew Bolt's first fearless comment on this embarrassing affair, while the dogs of the 5th column, formerly known as 4th Estate were still asleep, was; 

"...The Foreign Minister should have stood up for western values  and refused to wear the scarf in the first place".

Bolt equated Bishop’s decision, correctly!,  with the subjugation of women, and also stated that she looked “ridiculous.” teehee ! 

No wonder  the "wankerati" (credit for this neologism goes to Sheik Yermami) call  Bolt a "controversial right wing extremist....raaaaaacist.."  and much much worse. He has not only a quick and  elegant mind, the courage to openly declare all these naked  Kaisers as "naked", but he also  refuses to swim in  the effluent that has become the natural habitat  of what  passes as "media" today. 

Oh - I nearly forgot....this little matter of Australia's Foreign Minister agreeing to share 'intelligence' with Iran!!! 

?With Iran?

  ??with IRAN?? 

    ???   with IRAN   ??? 


Vomit Bucket Please !

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  1. Have you ever seen the photos of the Queen and Mrs William Hague (when he was Foreign Secretary) all fitted out as dhimmis for visits to an Arab country? They looked ridiculous, especially Mrs H (aka Oxford graduate and author Ffion Jenkins). The thinking seems to be that trussing up the female of the species in this insulting way is necessary to win trade deals, and no doubt Julie B was persuaded somewhere along the line by male politicians and bureaucrats. She was showing as much of her hair as possible, unlike poor Ffion Jenkins. I think high-necked and long-sleeved, midi-skirted garments would do just as well. Beyond hypocrisy, Israel-hating Jewish "feminist" Medea Benjamin of CodePink infamy dressed up in a veil when she went to a conference in Iran a year or two ago. (When she and her henchwomen demonstrate outside Ahava stores in the USA they frequently wear bikinis!)

  2. Hi Daphne Anson

    "... trussing up the female of the species in this insulting way is necessary to win trade deals..."

    There is a word for it in the old dictionary: "Prostitution".

    As to Julie Bishop's "showing as much of her hair as possible" was, in my opinion, having a bet each way. It's too late to walk on both sides of the street !

    But not only Royal females - I remember the Prince of Wales "dressing up" (or trussed up) as "Arab" - I think even though his motto says: "Ich dien", I think they are serving a very very wrong master.

    As to "Israel-hating Jewish 'feminists'" - I am reminded of Churchill's definition of that kind:
    "... feeding a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last..."

    I dont know the other English (?) personages you mention but they seem to come from the BBC school of cowardice: out-aljezeering AlJezeera itself.

    PS: I'm a fan of your excellent blog.