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Monday, 6 April 2015

Passover and Easter

I identify as a "catholic agnostic", but as they say "once a catholic always a catholic", so I will follow the etiquette of a good hostess and give my guests the priority over my "family". Hence first my wishes for a happy Passover to all my Jewish friends.  

Tony Abbott, Volunteer Firefighter for many years
Prime Minister of Australia 

I leave the "Easter Address" to Andrew Bolt, one of the most courageous political commentators in Australia who simply refuses to swim with the fashionable effluent. He started his editorial on his Sunday Morning "Bolt Report" thusly:

"Easter - we tend to forget what it's about, now I am not Christian but I do know that Easter is to remember a man who was nailed by his hands and his feet to a cross and left to suffocate. And, why was he killed? Because he opened his mouth..."
See the rest of his editorial here. It's well worth the 4 minutes.

My own thoughts this Easter go especially to the Christians in Islamic countries who get tortured, raped, sold into slavery, decapitated and crucified: today ! now !! this very minute!!!  because they are Christians.

All this while  the present media-darling, Pope Francis, who should have taken up  their defence was snogging the feet  of young Muslimas, opening  the doors of the Vatican to Imams who promptly prayed to Allah for victory over us "non-believers" and received a "special"  Koran from his "friends".  I wonder if he ever read that  Koran and understands that this genocide of Christians is indeed inspired by it  or has he  only admired the nice cover?

Meanwhile it is  the much defamed Israel who does the work of the Vatican. 

What, you might ask, could the Christian Church do to prevent this slaughter of Christians? The beautiful Hirsi Ali offers some food for thought: 

Happy Easter to All 


To close, here is an advertisement for Lindt Chocolates, free of charge.

Not only do Lindt make chocolate that is far superior to, for example,  the Halal-certified Cadbury chocolate (yes I kid you not: Cadbury actually really produce  sharia-compliant HALAL Easter eggs, talk about ecumenical) and Lindt could do with a little help, since just recently, one of their lovely Caf├ęs in the Centre of Sydney (Martin Place)  was victim of an islamist terrorist attack in which two innocent Australians were killed. 

So: here's to you, Lindt, and thank you for not "submitting" to blackmail and terror. 

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