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Monday, 27 April 2015


An Arab (Palestinian) Mother:


A Jewish (Israeli) Mother

...protecting her child from the rockets, aimed at them (and indiscriminately at the whole Israeli civilian population) by the Terrorist organisation HAMAS, indulged by Obama and even lauded by the leftist media, academe and the dangerously moronic herd that follows them, easily infected with a renewed Jew Hatred that is as old as it is ugly.

Too far from a bomb shelter when a siren went off in Ofakim 

a mother does the best she can to cover her daughter....

Another Muslim Mother: 

This one gave birth to the monsters who  ripped out  the limbs of an 8 year old boy among many other destroyed lives on that sunny day when Islam came to Boston and made a blood bath out of this celebrated Marathon. 

Mother of Muslim Boston Bombers

Give me a JEWISH Mamma,  with their chicken soup, their worries, their  over protection, and their kind of LOVE for  their children.....anytime!


A Canadian Mother: 

... singing to her baby.  I challenge anyone to keep a dry eye looking at that, and yes, THAT is a child I would love to meet when it grows up and yes, this - I feel - is a mother who deserves the great PR  that mothers seem to enjoy, many others do not. 

A Happy Mother
One of my favorites


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