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Friday, 17 April 2015

Holocaust Remembrance Day

During Holocaust Remembrance Day sirens are sounded throughout Israel indicating a moment of silence. Traffics stops on the streets. People stand still wherever they are and reflect.

This year, Yuli Zalmonovitch was chosen to sound the siren, bringing extra meaning to the moment because she managed to survive the Holocaust. Although the video  is not in English, words aren’t needed to understand the special meaning you’re about to see.


And here is the unforgettable Serge Gainsbourg.  Interviewed about this song "The Sands and Soldiers  of Israel" which he wrote during the six-day war  he said, that - if things had gotten worse for Israel, he would have gone fighting with and for his people. 

Gainsbourg partnered some of the most beautiful women of France and the world - I am not surprised When I visited his grave in the cemetery of Montparnasse (Paris) I wondered about the cabbage you see on his grave. It is, I was told an allusion to his  "cauliflower ears".

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