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Monday, 13 February 2017

Australian Senator explains Sharia Law

Jacquiline Louise "Jacqui" Lambie", an Australian Senator, explains - succinctly and well I think - why Sharia Law is an 'anti-democratic cancer that doesn't belong in a free society'. 

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has followed up her fiery clash with a vulgarly strident Sharia law Supporter on tax-payer-funded, islamophile ABC TV (whose main "news" source is Al Jazeera) with the release of a YouTube interview which explains why Sharia Law is an anti – democratic cancer that doesn’t belong in a free society.


“Like most Australians I’m not an expert in Sharia law – but I’m going to make 6 quick obvious points. Sharia Law is:

1) Not Australian Law

2) Support for Sharia is an obvious sign of radicalisation and Terrorists are fighting to the death to force it on the rest of the world.

3) Sharia Law is Anti-democratic (show me a successful democracy in the Middle East..)

4) Sharia Law imposes the death penalty on Gay people for being Gay.

5) Sharia Law imposes the death penalty on women who are unfaithful to their husbands.

6) Sharia Law denies the right of Jewish people to live in peace in Israel.

• If you want a technical description of Sharia Law – it is religious, criminal and civil law all rolled into one code – it has no separation of powers and automatically makes Religious figures: Law Makers, Judges, Jury and in some cases executioners.

• If you support Sharia law – you accept the all the good bits and all the bad bits. 

• Highlighting and accepting the “good bits” of Sharia Law – like praying 5 times a day while at the same time – ignoring the death penalty for women who have sex outside marriage – is like saying, I only want to be a little bit pregnant.

• Acceptance of Sharia Law – is clear sign of divided loyalty. You are loyal to some religious leader in the Middle East and his rulings – not to the Australian constitution and our democratic system of government.

Sharia Law is an anti – democratic cancer that doesn’t belong in a free society and fails to respects the basic Human Rights of Women, Gay and Jewish people.” said Senator Lambie."

While on the whole,  Jacquie Lambie is a little too far left for me, I do admire her more conservative side such as her  feisty and courageous stand against the creeping (some would say, galloping) islamisation of the West, specifically of Australia in the Senator's case. I also like the assistance she seems to  give to the War Veterans (being one herself) and  her endearing passion for her native Tasmania

More on the feisty Senator from the Apple Isle, here on Wikipedia. 


  1. I'm Tasmanian and like her even though she's not perfect. She seems to be coming from an honest place, which leads anyone to fight Islamic Oppression and I'm grateful for her.

    1. Anonymous: I fully agree with you as I consider Islam to be the greatest danger to our freedoms. The proof of this can be cearly seen in that it takes COURAGE to criticise this totalitarian ideology - if you are allowed at all. How many high-profile Islam critics have to live under police protection ! And she shows this courage. Good for her.