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Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Easy Way to a German Passport

Would the poster of this video at  "Face of a Dying Nation" be just a little  "cynical" in her editorial, I wonder?

"Published on Feb 9, 2017

The phenomenon of childless and bitter elderly Western women looking for exotic adventures abroad with African gigolos who proceed to exploit their gullibility for citizenship in a Western country is not new. But more and more frequently, "leftover" European women get involved with the newly arrived young African men, called "Syrian Refugees" by the media, and subsequently get tricked into citizenship scams. The African males see conning old ladies as pathway to "become a German" faster. Usually their lulling words of "I love you" don't come exactly straight from the heart as they abandon the ladies as soon as they get their papers."

I think it just has to be  TRUE LOVE, since the "Syrian Refugee" obviously does not even mind, that his Cougar has forgotten to put her dentures in.  

On the other hand, these "Syrian Refugees" seem to have a way with the perimenopausal Ladies: (yes I know: miaow)

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