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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Bibi goes to Washington

Although it's only the 2nd part of Netanyahu's and Trump's combined  News Conference held yesterday, it is still longer than the videos I usually post. But, if you like Israel, Bibi and Trump, as I do, you will enjoy it.  I was touched by  Bibi's obvious joy and relief to be among friends at last and it brought home to me how lonely and betrayed he (and the Jewish People of Israel ) must have felt during these loooooong and dark 8 years just past. 

A few quotes from the video: 

I liked Netanyahu's explanation of "why the Jews are called Jews":

"...Well, the Chinese are called Chinese because they come from China 

The Japanese are called Japanese because they come from Japan

and  Jews are called Jews because they come from Judea. 

This is our ancestral homeland...Jews are not foreign colonialists in Judea..." 


And he revealed something that is not widely known, or perhaps just well hidden about the ballistic Iranian missiles:


"...By the way, these ballistic missiles are inscribed in Hebrew with "ISRAEL MUST BE DESTROYED"....they want to get to a nuclear Arsenal, not just a bomb, a hundred bombs..." 

He also  believes (accurately in my opinion), that "the issue of the settlements is not the core of the conflict, nor does it really drive the conflict..."  but he agrees that it has to be discussed and considered. 

And to close, a cute quote from Trump: 

"...Over the next 3, 4 or 8 years you are going to see a very different America, ....you are going to see a lot of love .....  a lot of love." 

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