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Thursday, 23 February 2017

In Defence of Milo

I think Milo rocks

I think Milo is paying for being a conservative

I think Milo is being punished for being a Trump Supporter from the start

The commentary below, insightful, independent and brave as commentaries from Black Pigeon Speaks  usually are, was posted immediately after the "execution" of MILO and the cowardly "dis-invitation" of this brilliant speaker to the "very important  annual speak-feast" of Conservatives" CPAC

Since it was posted, Milo's publishers, Simon and Schuster (*)  have,  in predictable servility to the more strident  bullies, announced that they had cancelled their  publishing contract for Milo's upcoming book, and Milo has explained himself in a press conference and has resigned from Breitbart. Probably more has happened in the meanwhile, like a rather disappointing, virtue-signalling sermon from Stefan Molyneux  - (I'm a fan and it's the first time that  I gave him a thumbs down) - and yet, this commentary below remains fresh and relevant.

Just a couple of random thoughts after this: 

There was the wife of one of one of Australia's most popular Prime Ministers, Bob Hawke, Blanche d'Alpuget who revealed in 1993 that she had been sexually molested as a 12 year-old by a 54 year-old judge who was a family friend. Ms. d'Alpuget did not see herself as a victim either. Apart from a little tut-tutting, there was no condemnation of the lovely Blanche "coping" in her "own way" like Milo,  she was of the Left you see. 

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, leader of the Greens in the EU once extolled , on French TV, the pleasures he got from little 4 year old girls "playing with his penis" (you can google it) while working  as a kinder garden teacher; he was even more "forgiven" than a mere "leftie" since being of the  Left PLUS Green is a free pass to do just about anything. 

Herr Adolf Schickelgruber  actually was a bit of a greenie himself, and he certainly was  a socialist (his Party's name said so: National-SOZIALISTISCHE Partei = Nazis for short)  and so, he  obviously came from  the side of Milo's attackers. 

(*) (I hope that whoever replaces these cowardly 'Simon and Schuster' will make a lot of money and I will buy the book, of course) 

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