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Friday, 30 March 2012


As my little flat is just ‘round the corner from the Pantheon,  I can call myself a neighbour of the man who wrote this letter at a time when France was experiencing a period of anti-Semitism. The Judenhass then, which  led to the Dreyfus affair,  came mainly (I think)  from the “the-Jews-killed-our-Jesus” brigade. Today it’s here again, but this time around it's coming mainly from the kind who dare to find excuses for - and even “honour” the Islamist child murderer, Mohamed Merah.

Meanwhile we are warned, ad nauseam, by the media and the politicians in election mode not to make any “amalgame” - in connecting, even tangentially, the actions of this monster with Islam.

Well, this vermin went to a Jewish school, massacring a Rabbi, his two little children and the 8 year old daughter of the school Principal. He told police that  the thing he regretted most was having arrived at the Jewish school too early, and so not having had a chance to kill as many Jewish children as he would have liked.

Asked for his “reasons” why he killed those Jewish children, he said that he wanted to avenge “all the Palestinian children killed by the Jews”.

So Monsieur le President, I am no Zola, but I want you to know that  I will still not obey your command to not make any “almagame” bien au contraire. I think we MUST make the connection between the massacre of little Jewish children and the Allah Akbar mob, especially since the snuff movie this arab/muslim monster made of the killings was “overlaid with Koranic verses”, according to the Paris bureau chief of al-Jezeera, the station to which the tape was sent. And al-Jezeera would not make any  unfair amalgames when it comes to Islam now, would they?

So, Monsieur le President, I too accuse.

J’accuse all those who spread big lies about Israel and the Jews…

J’accuse those who are stupid enough to believe them, aping  their hateful, lying slogans across the lands

J’accuse those who stand by, saying nothing (for whatever reason) and thereby saying yes!

They are the ones responsible for those little Jewish children having been murdered  for the simple reason that they were children and  Jewish. They are the ones who don’t hate the Jews because of Israel, but who hate Israel because of the Jews. So I accuse them of incitement to murder in the name of allah.

What Golda Meir said soooooooooo long ago still holds today (even more so):

“We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us”

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