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Monday, 26 March 2012

Jihadist Child Murderer honoured...

Although I am following the news in the French main media, I came to this article and photo by Reuters via the internet sites of: dreuz.info  and Atlas Shrugs

TOULOUSE (Reuters) - Une trentaine de jeunes gens, essentiellement des filles, se sont rassemblés samedi dans le quartier toulousain des Izards, où a grandi Mohamed Merah, pour honorer la mémoire du tueur de sept personnes abattu jeudi par la police, comparant leur douleur à celles des familles des victimes.
Une centaine de membres des forces de l'ordre ont entouré cette manifestation statique au cours de laquelle une femme portant un voile intégral a harangué le groupe.

La police toulousaine avait détecté des appels à manifester samedi matin et a empêché le groupe d'en rejoindre un autre.

Photo by Reuters

About Thirty Young people, mostly girls, gathered Saturday in the Toulouse district of Izards, where Mohamed Merah grew up, to honour this killer of 7 people who was killed by police on Thursday. They compared their “suffering” with those of the victims’ families.

Around hundred members from the security forces surrounded this static demonstration during which a woman, wearing the full veil harangued the group.

The Toulouse police had detected calls to demonstrate this Saturday morning and have prevented the group from joining other groups.

And one more thing: Among those “French” people who hero worship a gruesome child killer, the law that makes it an offence to wear the integral veil in France is obviously respected as much as human life.

Speaking of  "that" fashion:

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