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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lest we forget...

I want to write about lighter things - after all, it’s supposed to be “postcards from Paris”, but I just came across words from witnesses of what they now call the  "Tragédie de Toulouse" and I just can’t get rid of the horrifying image in my mind, especially as they are now starting in some nasty quarters (you will see it on the net) to glorify this monster and making a “martyr“ out of him. His older brother declared himself “proud” of these horrifying acts, a teacher in a French school ordered a 1 minute silence for the killer and, although there is still wall to wall commentary in the media about it, more is said about the killer than his victims. 

Here is the little girl’s photo again, lest, we too forget: 

And here is an extract from some of the  survivors’ and witnesses’ reports :

“… first shooting Rabbi Jonathan Sandler along with his two sons, six year old Aryeh and two year old Gavriel. Then, as she was trying to run away, grabbing the eight year old Miriam Monsonego by her long blond hair, holding on to her while he fumbled, trying one gun then another, finally shooting the struggling girl in the head before easily walking away...".

They tell us not to “faire l’amalgame”, well, sorry, I will make the connection which is simply too obvious when such a killer declares himself a Jihadist and says Allah Akbar after some (or all?) of his acts.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

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