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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Trojan Horses made in Germany

When I arrived in Paris in January, the first view that greeted me, were traffic closures. You expect traffic jams on week-ends in Paris: protest marches of all kinds are tradition since Napoleon was a boy.  But I did not see one French flag this time, not even the normal trade union flags.

This was the flag I saw...

...over and over...

...and over again

I spoke to some of the demonstrators. Many of them didn't seem to speak French, but that's normal here in Paris where I hear more and more  arabic sounding languages. What was different among those demonstrators was that they seemed to speak  German to me, a somewhat broken German, but still German. Did I look really  that German? I dont wear Dirndls in Paris...

Returning to my Flat in the  Rue Gay Lussac later that evening, I saw many of the demonstrators, (still carrying  their flags) getting into a large fleet of German buses that had been parked there all day. The Turks, because that's what they themselves and their flags  identified them as, were returning to Germany after a good days work. 

Trojan horses ...?

...made in Germany ?

What kind of good days work?

The reason for this massive demonstratin was to protest  against the plan by the French Government to acknowledge the genocide of the Armenian people by the Turks and to penalise those who would deny this massacre.

What I find predicable is that the Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan, immediately tried to put pressure on  France because  blackmail of whole countries seems to be the "new black".

What I find equally predictable but a little more disappointing is that, meanwhile, France has backed down, all the way...

But, whether you are on the side of the "Turks" who deny that this massacre ever happened, or on the side of the "Armenians" who know that it did, what I found the most shocking is that Turkish migrants living in Germany should come to France in large bus fleets,  to protest against French laws, proposed by a French Government on French soil and be successful.

This side of “Europe” (a Eurabian kind of solidarity?) is  new  to me, and  I find  it deeply disturbing.

Personally, I am on the side of the Armenians, and not only because they gave us Charles Aznavour, to mention but one.

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