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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A little window on the French Resistance

The "official" version given by this extremely left and even more extremely islamophile French Government is that things are "under control",  the infamous Jungle of Calais (*) has been dismantled and that now "tout est pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes possibles"

The reality, as not reported by the Lügenpresse,  is that this was, at best, "cosmetic surgery". The problems have been swept under the carpet: By "Nacht und Nebel" and without informing the good citizens, let alone consulting them, the "refugees" of Calais have been "distributed" all over France, and "refugee centres" have sprung up like mushrooms after rain in every corner. Apart from those who have a vested interest in the illegal immigration industry, e.g. lawyers, Sorros-financed No-Borders thugs, socialist mayors, and the terminally gullible, the residents of the "chosen villages and towns" are waking up and are, justifiably, alarmed. 

This  11 November, for the second time, some 1,500 people followed the call from "Versailles Familles Avenir" to protest against the installation of "the illegals" in Rocquencourt (Yvelines) and everywhere in France. 

The speech I have chosen to translate is the one given by Christine Tasin, Présidente of "Résistance Républicaine", one of the most courageous women in France. Here is the U-Tube Channel on which you can see the other speeches (in French only). H/t Riposte Laique

In her speech, Christine Tasin, a former Professor of Classics, refers to the Sermon of the Jeu de Paume, standing as she was, just steps away from the Palace of Versailles, where the founding act of French democracy took place and where, on the 20 June 1789, in the Jeu de Paume room, the deputies took an oath not to adjourn before adopting a Constitution for France. 

(*) We reported on the Jungle of Calais: here

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