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Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Trump Women Are Better

Firstly, I want to thank "the Left" (those in the herd and those, euphemistically referred to as the "Elites")  for   having given us Donald Trump; it is the only good thing they have done since Jesus saved Maria Magdalena from getting stoned ! 

And now, let me present to you two absolutely gorgeous Trump Supporters - 


I hope it's not a hanging offence, while still living under the PC dictatorship to opine that I find most women around Trump far more attractive than the compassionistas who batted for Obama/Clinton such as Miley Syrius, Cher etc. even including the formerly quite reasonable Whoopie Goldberg. Didn't all those virtue-signalling actresses and actoooors give us their (so far not kept) promises to leave for other planets should the Big Bad Trump win?

And then there is one of Michelle Obama's go-to fashion designers who obviously felt attention-deprived. So she announced that she will refuse to dress incoming First Lady Melania Trump, and obviously suffering from a very inflated sense of self, even called on other designers to do the same.

Sophie Theallet, whose dresses have been a fixture of Michelle Obama's wardrobe for the past eight years, declared (unsolicited I believe) that she would not continue to provide her services for the next First Family, in a statement released on Twitter on Thursday.

Pssst: See what I mean when I say  I find the Women around Trump more attractive ?

"Designer" Sophie Theallet has said she will not dress Melania Trump. Photo: Getty

Looking at that fashion designer's own outfit and at the way she dressed Michelle Obama , I somehow cannot imagine the elegant Melania Trump asking for her services....Yes I know !  Miaow ;)

I even find Michelle Obama,   the Daaaarling of the by now shuttered  classes,   not quite as  attractive as  to warrant the  adulation she has been receiving from the closet-racists and their near hysterical begging to please-please-please stand for the position of President. In fact she became rather  irritating after she took to tut-tut-ing  the  "sexist" language  of  Donald Trump and  her outrage at his occasional verbal slip-ups seemed contrived, especially as  she had invited Rap(p)ers into the White House whose lyrics would leave Trump's sexist peccadillos in their wake...... Double Standards anyone ?  

^^^ Mrs Obama is right ^^^

Melania Trump, née Knauss hails from Slovenia. She was born in the picturesque town of  Novo Mesto in the former Yugoslavia. I don't know if this future First Lady likes the folk music of her country of origin, but just over the border, in my native Bavaria I grew up to the sounds of of the Oberkrainer: 

Call me a country pumpkin and old fashioned, but I do prefer these sounds (very fast dance steps)...to the rap(e) artists that Michelle Obama brought into the White House.

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