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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Trump's Last Stand in Sydney Australia

From  the start, I have never never hidden which one was  NOT my horse in this race.(*) The main problem I had with mine was his hairstyle, seriously! I do like vanity in a man, but someone should have advised him to let go of the curtain. 

And now,  that les jeux sont faits and rien ne va plus,   let me play Cassandra for you: 

1. Donald Trump will not be elected. 

Time for a little confession:   Secretly I had actually hoped  that Mrs. Clinton would win this race to the bottom, because - should "the Donald' win, his followers would expect him to perform miracles and immediately walk on water.  Whereas, win or lose this time, he has lifted enough skirts  on the  corruption of the Obama/Clinton/Saudi/Sorros/etc camp for the stench to awaken many a sleeping sheep (if I may mix a few metaphors), and he has helped a  groundswell to build  that  has become  a real agent for change: 

2. Mrs. Clinton's presidency will not last the full term ! 

Donald Trump has "mates" in Sydney, Australia. 

Tomorrow, invited by the delectable  Ross Cameron, they will celebrate Donald Trump's  "Last Stand" in Sydney, Australia from "8 am till death or glory", with "good coffee, good company, Bud, Buffalo wings and live cable news feed". One of the most intelligently outspoken Australians, former Labor Leader Mark Latham, and the terminally charming Editor of the "Spectator",  (a magazine I  recommend), Rowan Dean will join  Ross Cameron. 

They  have decided to spend the US election day together, watching the results on a wide screen TV at the NSW Rugby Club, Circular Quay from 8am. (Time zone means US election day is Wednesday in Sydney).  Perhaps, if you are nearby, you'll have still time to register here:

And there are other Australians, not running with the pack, one of them is Senator Pauline Hanson, Leader of the "One Nation" party, interviewed here by one of the most courageous Media men in Australia, Andrew Bolt. Both have been  maligned nearly as much as Donald Trump,  on an Australian scale.  

I just know you won't but still: here I go: 


PS: As I'm writing this, the taxpayer funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) are continuing to  violate their Charter ie "objective " and "balanced" reporting, and are continuing to shamelessly  hassle for the corrupt Clinton camp. (ABC  TV Lateline, 10.30 pm Sydney time). 

Insulting the intelligence of any half-way informed viewer, they even present a quick show of fake "balance"  by interviewing some token  "Republicans". If you know the modus operandi of ABC (whose main news "source" is Al Jazeera - a big majority of Saudis prefer Clinton and why wouldn't they!) you will not be surprised  to hear that their chosen "Republican vox populi" were "arch conservatives" so strongly anti-Trump that they publicly announced they would vote for Clinton. 


"... If Hillary step foot in the white house, she may end up selling the Nuclear Code to the highest bidder. This lady is crooked. "


  1. Indeed the best trump's video...
    and hope you r wrong and he will not succumb to the expectations.
    what i do see is that the democrats have demonized him so much that they created a climate that rejecting his election is a moral duty. i hope he will be fine, and so america

  2. I'm glad I was wrong and that the Americans did not fall for the lies. But, as someone said: now the work starts. I think we'll have a bumpy road ahead, and I dont envy the challenges President elect Donald Trump faces, but there is more hope now for Western civilisation to survive.