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Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Morning After the Tr(i)ump(h)

Stefan Molyneux predicted the outcome, hear him sing:

My own predictions were not very good: "Donald Trump will NOT be elected" I boldly announced fancying myself a bit of a Cassandra. I give myself half of a  little brownie point for predicting that "Mrs. Clinton's presidency will not last the full term. 

Well lucky us, that most predictions did not come through.  

With Donald Trump driving the bus, the ride over the next 4 or 8 years  might get a little bumpy, but with Hillary Clinton  we would have had  Huma Abedin as  "first Lady" and via her  the Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood in the White House and and we would have had to labour, not only under the weight of Political Correctness, but also under  Islamic Correctness, because Hillary owes "them" big time. While even some of my friends consider Donald Trump a "lose canon", I'd rather have that, because a lose canon might yet land on a good place whereas a poisoned arrow will do damage wherever it lands. 

The predictions:

Ann Coulter  in May 2016

Bill Maher like so many clever if not necessarily intelligent trendies who would not recognise a metaphor if it hit them between the eyes, refused to take Donald Trump seriously,  and instead took him literally.  Ann Coulter took the President Elect seriously from the start but but is intelligent enough to not automatically have taken him literally. 

During the Europa Conference "for a new European renaissance", held in Paris on the 15. October 2016, President Francois Hollande, whose admiration for  Hillary Clinton goes back at least  to the destruction of Libya,  put his cards on the table by fearlessly predicting:

"Il y a des elections qui vont se produire aux Etats Unis...
...Une Présidente va être elue.."

The sincere Congratulations 

The Insults:

The execrable Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, cozying up to the Muslim Mayor of London. She who monopolised every media opportunity to sprout her "Je Suis Charlie" signs, yet is conducting at least two (rate-payer-funded)  prosecutions against the islam-critical Journal "Riposte Laique" and its caricaturists  for.........yes you guessed it: a caricature of herself.   

The Hysterics

A compilation by the incorrigible  Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars.com

About the Raaaacists

The Post-Mortems

 An explanation from a Leftie who gets it.
(Language Warning!!!)

The Celebration: 

Interim Postscriptum

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