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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Egyptian sisters are doing it for themselves...

Normally I rather like men, but, at present, I would follow any travel advice which told me: "Do not travel to Egypt if you are a woman, too many men of the 'untrustworthy' kind there at the moment". Of course, some women don't have a choice, like those who are there already (she says stating the obvious).

Christine Tasin from Resistance Republicaine writes:

Voici une video qui en dit long sur les rapports hommes-femmes dans la soi-disant religion musulmane.
Au Caire, des wagons sont réservés aux femmes, pour éviter « le harcèlement sexuel », et lorsque des hommes s’y installent c’est l’émeute.
Conclusion : c’est la preuve par neuf que le voile ne protège pas la fameuse pudeur des femmes puisqu’en sus les femmes ont besoin d’être protégées des hommes. C’est aussi la preuve par neuf que cette soi-disant religion idéale transforme les hommes en bêtes en rut qui perdent pied dès qu’il y a une femme dans leur environnement, voilée ou pas.

"Here is a video that says it  all about men-women relationships in the so-called muslim religion. In Cairo, there are train carriages that are reserved for women only, to prevent sexual harassment, so, when men occupy them, it causes a little riot.
Conclusion: here is the proof  that the veil does not protect the famous modesty of women, because in addition (to the veil), the women still need the protection of men. This is also the proof that this so-called ideal religion transforms men into rutting animals who lose it as soon as they see a woman, veiled or not."

I don't know why 
(or perhaps I do)  
I find this video
thoroughly satisfying,
 not to say exhilarating


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  1. Annie Lennox and the Queen of Soul wonderful - in contrast the caged Muslim women in a train carriage trying to protect themselves from these muslin men who are so barbaric they cannot control themselves in public or private.