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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Une lettre Francaise of Despair

Here  is a letter  that a despairing French citizen wrote to Riposte Laique:

"Je suis témoin que la France va mal, alors je partage"
I am witness that our France is not well, so I share.

My translation shows probably  more “good will” than “proficiency” ;)


Alsace: how about fifteen of “young ones”(*) have spoiled our New-Years eve .

I want to share with you what happened to us on the 1st January 2013 at 0 h 20, as we celebrated la Saint Sylvestre (New Years Eve):

My family and I, we were 12, had dined, peacefully in my apartment in the heart of our town of Saverne (67700) At midnight, as tradition demands, especially in Alsace, we step out into our street to light our fire crackers. We had bought them on the day and they were all legal in Alsace. We had fun, like many other people, just outside our house. We laughed.

On the pavement opposite, a little higher up, a group of about 15 individuals shouted, jumping up and down, louder than everyone else and attracted attention.

It was 20 past midnight when it started. It happened very fast. A huge firecracker landed between my Partner and me exploding at our feet, so loud that I could hardly hear any more. Nearly simultaneously we saw a great number of lit-up projectiles coming in our direction. Yes, they were aiming their firecrackers directly at us. My mother received a firecracker on her head, her hairs burnt, and she was hurting. Half of my family went back into the house.

3 more courageous members of my family went across to meet them. They tried to talk to them and to calm them down but they were truly very exited.The discussion led to nothing else except to finish the soiree with a wave of insults directed at the women: “dirty whore, I will put a mortar in your cunt, fat whore…“ and at French society: “ I fuck France, I fuck you all, I fuck you deeply, fuck France and the French…“ and more which I will spare you….

We were forced to retreat into our house, an evening of St. Sylvestre , we had not even used all our firecrackers. The celebrations were stopped short, sadly, and against our wishes. We had been in front of our own home and we were forced to retreat back in, to keep silent and to take the weight of this verbal and physical aggression.

The next day we came across some police of our town of Saverne. We told them what had happened. They answered us that they had avoided this street, because they knew that their presence would excite “them” even more.

Is that what the uniform is there for? To watch the citizens getting attacked like that? To look good when issuing parking tickets? That’s easier of course!!

Later on we read in the papers and on the Internet, that from 0 h30 to 2 am, a group waged war on this little town which is usually so calm.

Voilà, it’s a tale, a rant, a despair, because more and more we hear, we see events of this kind.

I am witness that our France is not well, so I share.

Thank you for having taken a few minutes to read what I had to say.
Alison Pardon

(*) French euphemism for migrants of maghrebian (Arab) and sub-Saharan origin. If you read/listen to their “language” this is quite obvious...

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