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Sunday, 20 January 2013

*M*arked for *Mohammed*

While the prosecution of  sexual child abusers by the Australian government and media  is concentrating nearly exclusively  (and, I think, obsessively)  on what the Catholic Church has done  in the  near and distant past, this is what is happening right NOW in the UK (and  who knows in what other Western countries).

Seven men of Pakistani origin and two from North Africa are accused of 79 offences against six vulnerable white British girls. The charges include child rape, sexual trafficking and child prostitution. A girl of 11 was sold to a child trafficker who branded her with his initial, a court heard yesterday. Mohammed Karrar, 38, also loaned her to abusers around the country for £600 an hour, it was alleged. 

 Noel Lucas QC, prosecuting, said Karrar – known as Egyptian Mo – bought the youngest victim from an unnamed man just after her 11th birthday. He befriended her with gifts of perfume and hard drugs but then began to beat her up and raped her, the Old Bailey was told.
He branded her with one of her hair pins, which he had twisted into the shape of an ‘M’ and heated with a cigarette lighter. It left a scar on her left buttock. 

Over five years she was repeatedly raped by large groups of men in what she described as ‘torture sex’, the jury was told.  from here

Daniel Greenfield  gives us an islamic perspective in this  Frontpage Magazin article:

“You [Mohammed] are not permitted to take any further wives, nor to exchange the wives you have for others, even if these attract you with their beauty. But this does not apply to your slave-girls.” (Quran 33:52)

And here is a more in-depth article about the subject from  Robert Spencer.

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