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Friday, 8 March 2013

All women are Queens

"All women are Queens" 
hmmm.... really ?

It was International Day of Women today, and didn't we know it! It's normally  a day when I feel even more sorry for men than usually, except for those so eager to submit  to the modern Western  power structures that they are more feminist than the feminists. So I was going to ignore it until I came across this haunting song via MEMRI who had  simply twittered it without any unnecessary or even necessary commentary.

"La femme sans haine"
Ismael Lo


I'm mesmerised by this song, but also troubled, especially  by this sentence: 

Ce que tu n'as pas defendu par les armes (that which you did not defend with weapons)
Ne crois pas le garder avec des larmes     (dont think you can keep it with your tears)   

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