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Friday, 22 March 2013

Norway frightens me ...

...and did so since before Anders Breivik…but it does so even more, now, after Anders Breivik.

"...In Norway, the fox is not only guarding the hen house, he is instructing the hens how to become more tender and delicious for the sake of the Modern Multicultural Norwegian Utopia..."

... writes Baron Bodissey from Gates of Vienna in an article entitled "Multicultural Indoctrination for the Norwegian Police".

And yes, lets talk about  that Anders Breivik:

 Richard Millet,  novelist, essayist, editor (now ex-editor) of Gallimard,  considered  one of the greatest contemporary French writers, was hunted down and  out of  (Paris) town after writing an essay about this Norwegian mass killer. He called it, bitingly and with an irony escaping only those who wilfully wanted to run away from it anyway: “Eloge litteraire d’Anders Breivik”(*).  Immeeeediate collective  huffing and puffing followed by an evanouissement en masse  of  the media herd and banishment to  St. Helena, (or the literati equivalent) of Millet.  He lost his job and, so “they” (**) hope, all  his crédibilité. I have  just finished  reading  his essay and here I quote a few excerpts, without fear or favour, ..well in truth with a little of the latter ;) :

Predictably, the baying media pack completely ignored  his mantra, repeated several times in the essay: “Je n’approuve pas les actes commis par Breivik, le 22 juillet 2011, en Norvege” (I do not approve of the acts committed by Brevik on 22. 7. 2011 in Norway).

“Je ne suis pas un “expert” et nullement proche de Breivik dont, je le repete, je condamne les actes; je constate que la derive de Breivik s’inscrit dans la grande perte d’innocence et d’espoir caractérisant l’Occident…..[snip]…. Breivik est, comme tant d’autres individus, jeunes ou non, exemplaire d’une population devant qui la constante devalorisation de l’idee de nation, l’opprobre jetee sur l’amour de son pays, voire la criminalisation du patriotisme, ouvrent un abime identitaire…. (pp.109)

“I am not an  “expert”  and in no way am I  close to Breivik whose acts (I repeat) I condemn; I note that the downward spiral of Breivik falls within the huge loss of innocence and hope that characterises the West…..(snip)…....Breivik is, as so many other individuals (young or not) typical of a population before whom  the relentless devalorisation of their  Idea of “Nation” and  the scorn thrown on the love for their country, ie the criminalisation of patriotism, opens  the  abyss  of  identity loss...

….Breivik est, certes, le signe desespéré, et desesperant, de la sous-estimation par l’Europe des ravages du multiculturalisme:……(pp 114)

Breivik surely is the hopeless and desperate sign  of Europe’s underestimation of the ravages that multiculturalism has wreaked…

...Vision lenifiante d’un “exotism” à  domicile…….Dans cette décadence, Breivik est sans doute ce que meritait la Norvege et ce qui attend nos sociétés qui ne cessent de s’aveugler pour mieux se rénier…. (pp119)

...Lenin-ified vision of a domestic "exoticism"... Within  this decadence, Breivik is, without  doubt,  what  Norway had coming to it,  and what awaits our societies who incessantly  and willfully  blind themselves in order to better deny what they are... (or should/could be).

*) Richard Millet
Ed. Pierre-Guillaume de Roux, 2012

**) Those whom I hold responsible for the creation of  Breivik-style mass killers.

Updates 3.4.2013:

 From the Front Magazine’s article: Importing Islamic Nightmares

"...Yes, there is a serious proposal afoot in Norway to ban “anti-Feminist hatred”. Yes, the ministry really has the Orwellian name of Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion. And yes, this State Secretary in Norway really is called Ahmad Ghanizadeh, originally from Iran…..


...Norway is a small country, but I still find it unhealthy that a sitting political head of state uses his most prestigious annual speech addressing the nation to launch a thinly veiled attack on individual citizens who have done nothing criminal..."

 Norwegian Foreign Ministry finances terrorists (from PMW)

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