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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cadbury islamises Easter Bunnies

Thank Jesus, Cadbury  and all the pagan gods: Muslims can now safely celebrate Easter without fear of a non-halal chocolate egg.

A part from all their chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs, Cadbury lists 71 products which are halal, ranging from Dairy Milk to Freddo frogs to Red Tulip chocolates. And just to make it official that they dont like Jews, their website also states:  "We do not have any kosher-certified products." 

Paul Sheehan from the  Sydney Morning Herald  writes about the Halalisation of Australia in this excellent article: "Halal Easter eggs and cat food: where big money meets religion". (*)

Happy Easter and Happy Passover
(to all my 2 readers)

(*) All you ever wanted to know about HALAL but were afraid to ask, or not.


  1. To be fair to Cadbury, this is the full statement on their website re kosher products - I see no hint of antisemitism at work:
    "We do not have any Kosher-certified products, however some of our products are listed in the Mizrachi Kosher Food Bulletin from time to time."

  2. Thanks Daphne - you are more generous than I am and my house will remain a Cadbury-free zone despite that little gesture of what I consider nothing more than opportunistic tokenism. Have a look at the balance here: